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When Jacob contacted me last week about being the photographer for his proposal I couldn't have been more excited. He had it all planned out, and I couldn't wait to shoot it! On April 1, 2017, Jacob took Sarah back to where they had their first date, washed her feet, got down on his knee and asked her to be his wife, and then they prayed together. It was such a beautiful and intimate proposal.

I asked Jacob to tell me their story, and it is such a sweet one! Sarah and Jacob met at fall Breakaway initiation of their sophomore year. Het told me that Sarah caught his attention immediately, and he thought it was the cutest thing when she said "my love language is ice cream," as her random fact. Jacob realized that he wanted to ask this cute girl on a date, so he spent time praying about it and getting to know her better.

Jacob's roommate was going to midnight yell with a group of friends that included Sarah, so he saw it as a good opportunity to invite Jacob along. Jacob and Sarah spent that yell getting to know one another, and he ended up asking her on a date after that.

Jacob knew he wanted to ask her on that date because of her heart. "As we were walking down George Bush Avenue I could just tell she had such a genuine love for the Lord," he said. "The way she talked about the camp she worked at over the summer, it wasn’t about all the fun that she had, but it was about all of the campers lives she got to impact with the truth of the gospel."

Since that first date, Jacob was intentional with dating Sarah.

"It was over this past summer that I knew that I wanted to marry her. I was working as a manager at a waterpark and she was a camp counselor," Jacob said. "I missed her and I knew that I wanted to do the things of life with her. If there was anyone who I wanted to laugh with, it was Sarah, if there was anyone I would want to argue with, it was Sarah, if there was anyone I would celebrate with, it was Sarah."

Jacob ended with this:

"There is a lot more that I could put into words about our story, but it has never been our story, it has been God’s story from the beginning. It has always been a story of the redeeming love and forgiveness of Jesus working in both of our lives. He is the one that deserves the glory, and our greatest desire is to know Jesus more and make him known. And Lord willing, He has called us into a long lasting marriage that shows the love that Christ had for the church. We are so blessed and thankful that God has been so faithful and good to us, and our story is that we want to tell the world His story."

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